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Earn money online; My personal 17 ways to earn money from home in 2019

 earn money online
All you need to be patience, learning curiosity and give more time to your work to earn money online.

Earning money online is not easy how you think, it's very easy after you understand all the ways and method properly. Also, learn to do proper SEO for your blog or website.

I am Bharat welcoming you to the world of ME Bharat and presenting you my personal top 17 ways to earn money online in 2019.

Earning money offline is like a traditional way of making money. Most of all work 9 A.M to 5 P.M to generate income on any offline field.

But remember Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon who comes in the list of top 10 billionaires in the world. With the net worth of $161 billion(May 2019). How does he earn? He earns from his online store company.

So today I am going to share my personal top 17 ways to make money online. With working this method you may not earn millions of dollar but you will earn more than $100 if you give your best.

Like offline jobs, you need your all documents and to receive payments you need your bank account. Also in online, you need 1. A computer or PC 2. An internet connection & to receive payments you need a bank account.

All the website doesn't have the facility of direct payment to your bank.

To receive payments from these websites you need a PayPal account.

Create your PayPal account here.

Check out my top 13 ways to make money

#1. Earn money online on Fiverr

From my top 13 ways to earning money online lists, I take at first the best and easy way with no investment that creates your gigs on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website where the maximum of the buyers are available to buy your service that he needs. That may be Info-Graphic design or write an article or make a logo for your client.

You can charge from $5 to anything for your service from your client.

Also give your client, in how many times you can finish it and sent it to him.

All you need to create a gig on Fiverr and sell your service, in which you are best to earn the maximum of money.

To create your first gigs check out this video from Money Guru.


1. After creating my gig on Fiverr, how a buyer can contact me?

A: Its too simple, if someone needed a service that you are providing and he showed your gigs and found your service, your charge and your sending time better than he can place an order from here.

2. After finishing my work how can I send it to my client?

A: You can send it to your client in your Fiverr account. After finishing your work, you can submit it on your client's order lists.

3. How my client send me money and how can I withdraw it?

A: You don't need to do anything. After your client happy with your service, he/she send the payment to Fiverr and Fiverr send to your account.

After getting your payment you need a PayPal account to withdraw it.

#2. Start your own blog

Be your own Boss, start your own blog today.

In my second point, I take the powerful method to earn money online.

Blogging is easy and very much easy to make money online.

Like Fiverr, In blogging, you don't need to sell your service. You need to educate people, you need to solve the problems of peoples and give the right direction to people.

There are two platforms for blogging for beginners WordPress and Blogger.

To start your own blog, you need a domain [register here] and a hosting [register here] where all your file and data save on the internet.

After buying your domain and hosting. Connect your domain with your hosting.

After successfully connected & installed WordPress, your website ready on the internet.

It's time to find a niche for blogging on your website.

You can also create a free blog on but has limited features.

Then properly SEO your blog and find keywords to write your article

The best tool to research keyword is Ahrefs [Buy here] and SemRush [Buy here] and some free tool to research keyword is keyword explore and ubbersugget, But they don't give the accurate result.

You need to learn proper SEO and continuously publish the article to get maximum traffic. and earn money online.

After getting the traffic you can monetize your traffic and started earning money by Google AdSense or any third party ads network.

Check out this to how to start a blog from


1. How much can I earn from google adsense?

A: Google Adsense is an ad network run by Google. You need to approve your website with google adsense and it shows ads own your blog.

When your visitors click on these ads, then you can earn money and there is no limit to making money.

2. How can I withdraw my earning from google adsense?

A: Google Adsense has the facility to transfer your earning directly to your bank account.

After confirming your address and your one id it sends your payment on date 20 to 25 every month.

The minimum threshold to send payment is $100.

3. How can I verify my address on google AdSense?

After reaching the payment threshold $10, Google will send you a verification OTP to your address.

It reaches to you by 20 to 30 days and you need to verify this number on your Google AdSense account.

#3. Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

3 is my lucky number and affiliate marketing is my life changer.

If you do it properly than affiliate marketing can also change your life.

Understand Affiliate marketing like this, there is a mall in your area and you went to the mall and tell the manager that I want to promote the product of your mall to others.

If someone comes and buys this product or anything then give me a 9% commission of your sale.

Affiliate marketing is like this, There are many big companies like Amazon, Commission Junction, Walmart runs there affiliate program to earn more.

You need to sign up their affiliate program and promote there product on your website, on social media.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys anything on the website, you can earn a high commission.

You do not get a commission for the product you are promoting also you can get a commission of all product he buys through your link.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and to learn advanced affiliate buy this book from Amazon by India's no 1 blogger Harsh Agrawal.

Check out this video how to sign up to the Amazon Affiliate program by


1. How commission can I get per sale?

A: Commissions vary from company to company, product to product.

Amazon gives you the maximum  12% commission for some product.

2. How can I withdraw my affiliate marketing earning?

A: You can withdraw your affiliate marketing income in many ways. Amazon sends your income directly to your bank account by NEFT.

3. When and how much Affiliate income can I withdraw?

A: First of all you don't need to withdraw manually your Affiliate income every time on Amazon.

On other affiliate networks, you need to manually withdraw your income by PayPal account or bank account.

The minimum threshold for transferring money by NEFT in is INR 1000.

#4. Earn money online from YouTube channel

YouTube does not just give you incomes. It can make you a star, a celebrity like Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhadana, Technical Guruji.

In the 4th method, I take that I love to work that is Youtube.

You can do anything legal on YouTube. You can coach students if you love to teach, you can review gadgets if you love to review, you can do your short movie if you love to act.

If peoples love your work, love your acting & you are doing the best then you will get subscriber and like and share.

After finishing 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours you can apply for google adsense for your YouTUbe channel.

Also, you can not only income from video ad by google adsense but also get paid sponsorship from the company, sponsor review unit and free product to review.

Check out this video how to start a youtube channel to earn money online from------


1. By using a copyright image or song or small video clips on my video can I publish?

A: No, You can't monetize your channel if you are using any copyrighted material. If you do this you will get a copyrighted strike on your channel or also your channel may be ban from YouTube.

2. How much can I earn from YouTube?

A: It depends on many factors like your traffic, in which country your video is showing and your CPC.

3. I want to start a review channel on youtube, how can I get a review unit?

A: In your starting time you need to approach to company from your site, and also you can buy the unit to review.

After a quality audience company approach you from there side to review.

#5. Buy a domain and sell it

In the 5th point, I take the domain buying and selling method.

It's a very easy method to earn money online, not just too much but very much.

Are you thinking about how does it work? Don't worry I am telling you. It's a very simple method

*First look for high searches keyword [you can use the tool to search keyword for free ubbersuggest and for paid Semrush].

* Then search for the domain name on the bigrock [here] or Godaddy for that keyword and buy the domain.

* After buying the domain add it to the GoDaddy auction and add the sale amount.

To know more about this check out this video from -----


1. What is the maximum selling amount?

A: There is no maximum amount to sell your domain. I am giving you a suggestion that choose the selling amount by looking at your keyword search volume.

2. How can I add my domain to auction?

A: To add your domain to auction on the godady go to and login with your account and add this.

3. Can godady charge something to sell my domain or after sell?

A: Yes, GoDaddy takes only ---- rs for one year to add your domain. After the sale, he charges some commission from your selling amount.

#6. Publish your own Ebook on kindle

If you are a writer and you love to write, then it's only for you.

First, write a beautiful book of your own and publish it to the Amazon Kindle book store and enter your selling amount.

If the customer loves your book and buys it then you will get your amount from Amazon direct to your bank account.

If you have questions about this then feel free to ask me on the comment section.

#7. Earn money online by starting your own online store

Like Amazon, Flipkart you can also start your own online store and sell your product [it may not a big like Amazon and Flipkart. But you can start a small online store to sell a product and earn money.

To start your online store first you need a domain [Buy Here] and a hosting [Buy Here].

After buying all this, connect your domain and hosting and install WordPress and install the woocommerce plugin to open your online store.

To know more how to start an online store, check out this video from----


1. What can I sell on my online store?

A: You can sell anything on your online store. List your all product to your online store and update your selling amount.

2. How can I receive my amount from a customer?

A: If you want to do it Profesional you can add the payment gateway to receive payments from a card like MasterCard, visa, etc.

3. How can I send my product to the customer?

A: You can use third-party courier company like Ecom Express, Bluedert, Delivery, to send the product to your customer.

#8. Sell your product on Amazon

In my 8th point, I take the amazing method to earn money online.

If you have an offline store or if you have any product then you can sell it on Amazon.

To sell the product on Amazon, create your Amazon seller account and list all of your product that you want to sell.

You need to SEO your product to appear on Amazon's first page.

If someone places an order then Amazon will send you a notification to pack your product and deliver it.

To know more check out this video from---


1. How Amazon send me payment?

A: After receiving the amount of your product, Amazon sends your amount within a week.

2. Does Amazon charge any amount to list my product?

A: No, Amazon never charges for list your product. It's completely free.

#9. Earn money online by data entry

Data entry is a method to earn money online by typing.

There are many companies in India, in the world who are wondering the people like you.

You can charge for your typing [Data entry] by time wise or by word count wise.

If you have any doubt then feel free to ask me on the comment section.

#10. Publish your own android app

In these days there are about more than 5 billion Android smartphones in the world.

And in all the Android smartphone have an App store[ Play Store]

If you know how to code or you can also learn how to code from the internet. Then you can make an android app for anything and publish it on play store.

To earn money online from your app monetize your app by google admobe like Google Adsense.

#11. Earn money online by writing for others

You can earn very easily by writing an article for others.

You can add your gig on Fiverr or any freelancer site and you can also approach to write an article for any website.

You can charge for your article.

All the writers charge for the word count like INR 3000 for every 1000 words.

#12. Coach online to students

If you are a teacher, or if know anything which can help the students to learn or to know then you can earn by teaching students.

You can coach on any subject that you know

You can coach your students by live or by uploading your video.

You can create your own youtube channel or website to teach.

After getting some visitors, you can monetize it by Google Adsense or promote some educational affiliate product from Amazon.

#13. Earn money online by selling photo

If you think you are a best photographer or you clicks better then this method can change your life.

To sell your photo to earn money. To sell photo you can create an account on _____.

If someone will buy your photo for any type of commercial or non- commercial use you can make money.

#14. Sell your website

Like domain buy and sell you can also earn from selling your website.

First, buy a domain and work on it for 4 to 5 month.

After getting some traffic, You can sell your website & you can earn a huge from it.

You can sell your website 30X more than your total traffic value.

#15. Sell your old stuff on OLX

You can also earn money online by selling your old product online in OLX.

To sell on OLX first, create an account on OLX and list your old products and enter your selling amount.

If someone found your product good then he will contact you and buy from you.

Then you will get your money.

#16. Make your own Facebook page & group

Making your own Facebook page or group and growing it gives you a big profit for you to make money online.

By growing your Facebook group & page, you are creating your audience.

Your audience are a targeted audience, you can promote your Affiliate product on your Facebook page.

If someone will buy through your link on your Facebook page, then you will get the commission.

#17. Earn money online by managing other Facebook page

you can earn money by managing other's Facebook page.

Facebook page plays a big role for any business, all websites and more.

You can approach other businesses to create their Facebook page and manage it.

You can charge for this of your own choice that you want.

See this video how to create a Facebook page by


These are my personal top 17 ways to earn money online. You can try these ways to earn money online.

And if you give your best then you can reach the maximum income.

If my article gave you some information, you can subscribe to us to get our best article direct to your inbox.

And if you have any question about this feel free to comment below, I will definitely reply it.

Best of luck for your online journey from Bharat.

Note:This information is based on my internet searches research and my experience. And some in formation modified from the respect owner.

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